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Max Tan’s seamstress mum probably had no idea that her profession would come to play a big part in shaping her son’s burgeoning career in fashion. Before fashion became a concept he understood, he cut pockets and was introduced to tailoring through his mum. When he turned 19, he knew creative work is his calling and subsequently dropped out of polytechnic …


The Cupid’s Conundrum

Gay men break out of the mould to live their true self only to be encumbered by relationship models they can no longer fit in and an environment where LGBT relationships do not thrive. Where is gayly ever after to be had?
By Miak Siew

One of the greatest privileges being clergy is presiding over a wedding ceremony. In the two years …


The Other Closet

Sexual arousal for some are triggered by unconventional means. Some are easier to stomach than others. Some when revealed will test the very strength of your relationship.
By Bryan Choong

It was 3 a.m. on an unusually quiet Friday night. The staff in the Accident and Emergency Department were relieved that the night was slow, which meant most people were having fun, …


Little India’s 50-dollar men: A new look

By Tom Benner

Prostitution is legal in Singapore. Men looking to pay for sex with women can go to the red-light district in Geylang, or the shopping centre Orchard Towers, nicknamed the “Four Floors Of Whores”.
But male prostitution is a trickier proposition. For starters, it’s illegal for two men to have sex in Singapore – a homosexual act is punishable by …


ELEMENT dedicates Valentine’s visual campaign to Singapore HPB

Text: Leslie Ho
Creative: Hiro Mizuhara
Hair & Makeup: Jeremy Kiew
Photographer: Stan Ngo 

The recent furore over Singapore Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) FAQs on Sexuality took a political spin when MP Lim Biow Chuan wade into the fray brandishing his religious-fuelled rhetorics in a loose attempt to sell them as secular views.
Mr Lim took a shot at HPB’s FAQ which states that “a …


I Take It Off, You Put It On

ELEMENT Magazine launches a HIV Awareness Visual Campaign Featuring 9 athletic male models and artistes who went all bare!

In light of the coming WORLD AIDS Day on 1 December 2013, Element Magazine is bringing HIV/AIDS awareness to the fore with a visual campaign targeted at the MSM community. And what better way to bring the message across to gay men …


Shocking truths behind Singapore’s MSM!

Last month, Element did an online sex survey for MSM in Singapore to complement our Sex Issue and quite a number of you gamely completed the survey which we are thankful for. While the sample size (500) and methodology is such that results are not conclusive, it does provide for a few lighthearted moments. The survey and article also explores prominent issues …