ElementMag powered by MrPassport App will launch its latest HIV Awareness Campaign for 2018/19 on 1st December. This year, they have partnered theWOW production, NewUrbanMale apparel and Hypertainment Singapore in a 2019 calendar photoshoot, featuring up-and-coming Taiwanese photographer Daniel Liu.

This HIV Awareness Campaign is in conjunction with the Worlds AIDS Day to raise awareness of importance of knowing one’s status, in addition to advocating safer sex: the use of condoms, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).


The “BE COVERED” themed campaign features 12 underwear-clad social media influencers from across Asia who gathered in Taiwan as ambassadors to create awareness of the preventive measures to curb the rising number of infections across the region.


27 is the number of opportunistic infections among men who have sex with men. 12 is the equivalent number of opportunistic infections for transgender women who have sex with men. 44 is the average percentage of reduction for individuals who consume PrEP. If you think you are well protected, think again!


Each of these sexily-clad underwear influencers display a red piece by NewUrbanMale (the leading sports apparel brand) and synonymous with the colour of HIV/AIDS awareness ribbon. 


All of them are photographed in bed to boldly make a statement on the importance of protection in any given intimate situation. These posters will be a constant reminder to always wear a condom and/or consider PrEP in order to BE COVERED! Click here to download the posters and calendar.


This HIV Awareness Campaign Official Launch Party will be held at MONTI presented by Hypertainment Singapore on 1st Dec.  This event is also kindly supported by Action for AIDS Singapore.



Written by Melvin Chew

Melvin vacillates between writing and teaching in his free-time. He is working on his book aimed to be published in 2019. Currently a contributing writer for ELEMENT, he began writing with luxury media before working at SPH Magazines. He also has a corporate job at a non-profit international think-tank organization because he knows that writing cannot be his means to an end – not in Singapore anyway. Get to know him at melvinchew.com