Serving circuit music goodness with his preppy little moustache, this week we shine light on DJ Ricardo Ruhga from Germany who will doing his first debut in Singapore on 28 May.


With what started as simply a hobby in 2009, Ricardo turned his interest into an incredibly successful DJ career, which took off to national and international level rapidly. Ricardo has also received his classical and contemporary musical education from the best schools all around the world since young and this has contributed significantly to his career as a music DJ and producer too.

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Element: Who is Ricardo Ruhga?
Ricardo: He is a simple and cheerful person. He is open minded and friendly and enjoys meeting new people. He truly appreciates kindness and happiness in life.


Element: What does music mean to you?
Ricardo: Music means everything to me. It is love… it is passion… it is a form of great feeling that I want to bring to people when I perform.


Element: Has your approach to DJ-ing changed since you first started out?
Ricardo: Yes. I started with HipHop and RnB music. After a while, I find that genre no longer fun and exciting thus I switched to House music especially the Tribal and Tech-House style. I think that house music is the closest to what I currently love. It also represents my personality too.


Element: Do you face any difficulties in your music career?
Ricardo:  Yes. I miss my bed a lot as I am always away from home because of the gigs. However, it gives me a lot of strength and happiness when I see people dancing crazily to my music.


Element: What is your ONE wish now?
Ricardo: To have more time for family and friends. I do feel guilty in front of my family and friends at times because I am constantly on the move due to my work.


Element: What is the top tune playing in your list at the moment?
My all time favourite track is Nina Flowers and Erick Ibiza – Damelo! I have already done three mashups and synths of this track. Check it out on my Soundcloud because it is a very powerful remix!


Element: Choose one… Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Pratt (StarLord) and Chris Evans (Captain America).
Ricardo: Definitely Captain America!

Ricardo is recognised as one of the best newcomers to the circuit music scene. He currently has multiple residencies across Europe, including: Freedom Festival, Maspalomas Pride (Spain), Angels Zurich (Switzerland), Revelation Brussels (Belgium) and has also performed across Europe, including World Pride Madrid at Puerta Del Sol, WE Party (Spain), Funhouse Rapido (Amsterdam) and more.


His social networks:


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Catch him live at the Hypersapiens Guys Zone in Altimate as he is sure to raise the dance floor up euphoric height! For more info, click here.


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