What is worse than a hangover the next day after your party? Finding yourself face to face with your maker. Not because of alcohol poisoning (no way!), but the intake of alcohol and some other superb substance: for example, GHB.


Commonly known as G, or liquid-X, and many other permutations, this party elixir when digested with alcohol, doesn’t keep you up all night, boys! This mix of alcohol and G is like stirring red and purple paint producing a special colour I like to call “Blood Poison”.


And what does Blood Poison do to you? Optimistically, you will finally get to solve all those existential questions you have been asking yourself since the epiphany of your sexuality. And the best part of it; dance, drama and dermatology don’t matter anymore than the dismal death you might come to terms with.




On the flip side of the coin, you will find yourself in a complete everlasting comatose: the slowing heart rate, the profuse sweating, the gastro-ejaculation of your yester-dinner, before the long-lasting unconsciousness of Sleeping Beauty’s curse.


I hate to break this to you. That special recipe that may potentially shorten your glamourous time on this glorious planet is none other than the party drug that made a comeback from the 90’s – gamma-hydroxybutyric (GHB). Despite my diction and tone, I’m far from kidding.


Concocted by Russian chemist, Alexander Zaytsev, in 1874, this amazing dose, which cost no more than a pint of beer, can send you right through the roof before hitting the ground, flat!


Credit : Homovision.tv


Between 2014 and 2015, those who managed to meet their maker rose 119% as a result of ill-disciplined party ethics and an all-out attitude of the slogan: Work Hard, Play Hard, and Get Effing Crazy! This happened at London’s parties.


Let me paint you an equal calibration of this amazing mix. One gram of idyllic dosage is a can of beer, two is ten tequila shots, and anything more than that, depending on your usage, is potentially a number to the next statistic of unfortunate demise caused by GHB overdose.


While it has historically been used as a weight-watcher by athletes, party-drug for party-goers, or a dead-rape recipe for highly sexualized naughty-naughty, any intake under the inebriation of legalized liquid substance can mar the clarity for any use and lead to death!


GHB Dose (grams/100ml) Physical Effect
 <1 gram (low) Mild relaxant
1-2 grams (moderate) Strong mental and physical relaxation
2-4 grams (high) Pronounce interference with motor control and speech and sleepiness. Deep sleep state (death danger)
4-8 grams (very high) Powerful deep sleep. ‘Comatose’ state (death danger)


Let’s not forget the desirable effect of increased sexual libido that is often involved in chemsex. While short term usage increases dopamine that enhances certain functions, long term usage and immunization can lead to bodacious increase of dosage, before black-out.


The choice is yours! But be informed.



Beyond its pleasurable brain rewarding experience, this central nervous system depressant promotes memory loss, disorientation, hallucination, slurring speech, and in heavy brawny egoistical intake, sublime unconsciousness. So, go ahead, take it!


You know that phrase: “A pleasurable moment on the lips, and a life time on the hips”? Yes, this one too mirrors the same effect: an irretrievable warrant on lives’ theft.


Beware of your drinks! Spiking and sexual assault are just but the tip of your worry. Beneath the thick block of ice, is the strong failure to your ability to awake from your trauma.


So now you know. GHB. Your Party Disaster.


Credit : Stereo Montreal


This article is written by Melvin Chew

melvin chew

Melvin finds pleasure in writing, reading and creating the Arts. He relishes in writing short poems for leisure and meeting people from all walks of life.  He is currently living in Singapore working as an account specialist dealing in Total Office IT Solutions. To find more about him, visit www.melvinchew.com



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