GX3, leading Asian fashion underwear for men has found its fresh connection with award–winning fashion photographer Wai Teik from Singapore. Employing Wai Teik’s creative photography techniques, this compelling collaboration – Color Clash has successfully captured the erotic masculine spirit of the collection giving the brand an enticing and recognisable image for a prolonged period of time. Element is elated to speak to Wai Teik and the founder/designer of GX3, Teru about this project.

Check out more of Wai Teik’s works here.

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Photo Credit : Wai Teik shot by Brendan Zhang


Element : What are the reasons behind this collaboration?


Wai Teik : There are two main reasons behind this collaboration. Firstly, GX3 has not done an advertising campaign prior to this project. Secondly, GX3 believed in me and gave me full rein over the project. GX3 allowed me to express my ideas freely from the conceptual stage to the final treatment of the images. For an artist, what’s most important is the freedom to create. I wanted to create more awareness of my photography and fashion films. With the help of social media, I would like more people to know more about this collaborative project between GX3 and myself.




Element : How did you come up with this concept?


Wai Teik : With any project, I will first figure out who is the target audience right from the start of the project. The target audience for GX3 is the gay market in Asia. With that in mind, my intention is to reposition GX3 as a more up-market brand and to showcase its products with a high fashion treatment.


In the beginning, GX3 showed me their entire new collection. I found that the collection had too many eclectic items. Thus, I edited the collection so that it looks more cohesive and thematic. The final curated collection conjures up one word – “colours”, so I decided that that will be the theme of the collection. I wanted to create a surreal world that is colourful.


After my proposal for the concept and treatment for the campaign, I came up with the look and feel and lighting design. As there were three Asian male models to be photographed clad only in underwear, the challenge was to shoot them without the final product looking lewd or pornographic. After doing some research for the poses, I suggested shooting them in action with a bit of wrestling. I wanted the images to suggest camaraderie and brotherhood, while also making the final images look homoerotic. With that in mind, I came up with “Color Clash” as the title of the campaign.





Element : Tell us more about yourself as a photographer.


Wai Teik : Armed with a diploma in Visual Communications with a major in Photography, I founded my studio Wai Teik Photography in 1998. Unlike most photographers who apprenticed for others for a few years before starting out, I am mostly self-taught. The best way to learn is to experiment and try out new techniques on my own.


I specialise in fashion, people and architecture photography. I would describe my style of photography as dark in tonality, evocative and pensive. However, for my commercial work, I will tweak my style to meet the requirements of the client’s needs.


One of my photography career highlights includes publishing a coffee table book titled “Hypertrophy” showcasing Asian musculature from a fashion perspective. I was also appointed as the brand ambassador for the renowned whisky brand “Chivas 18”. This appointment was an endorsement of my years of achievement in the creative field. I was also invited as a guest photographer for “Asia’s Next Top Model (Season 4)” to shoot for Neutrogena.




Element : Anything else you like to share with our readers?


Wai Teik : Other than photography, I’ve also been involved in producing four fashion films for GX3. I wanted it to be dark and done in film noir style. I oversaw the entire editing process and selected the music for it.


The 4 fashion films are :-


A. Teaser (1 min) – to create a mysterious and curious sneak peek into the brand.

This is for the audience to want to find out more about it.


B. Behind the scene video (2.5 mins) – a behind-the-scene to showcase how the photography campaign shoot was done.


C. Montage Campaign Video (30 seconds) – to showcase the entire series of campaign images with music and motion.


D. Introduction Video (20 seconds) – to introduce the campaign title, the collaboration between GX3 and Wai Teik, and the GX3 website.



Element : What is it like working with GX3?


Wai Teik : This is my first time working with GX3 and it has been a real pleasure. As with every artist’s dream, I was given full control from conception to execution. Moving forward, I prefer to be involved earlier in the initial planning stage so that I can craft the campaign better. Also in retrospect, I need more time so that I can roll out the campaign in an effective and timely manner.




Founder/Designer of GX3, Teru


Element : Tell me more about GX3 brand.

Teru : When I was young, I saw underwear as more than just a piece of garment to me. I was fascinated by it and saw it as an integral part of fashion. I had a dream of having my own underwear brand one day and hence GX3 was born in June 2012. GX3 instantly penetrated into the fashion-savvy gay community with its innovative designs and reasonable pricing, with a growth in its fan base in Japan due to the club culture. Enquiries from Asian countries have increased since around 2015, and now it has grown as a gay underwear brand that represents Asia.



Element : Who are your loyal customers?

Teru : As GX3 underwear is only sold online and in Japan, we’ve have few opportunities to reach out to our customers directly. However, from what we’ve seen, our customers range from teenagers to over 50-year-olds. We’ve been receiving orders from all over the world, including Europe and America.


We also have a gym wear range that is for our customers that goes to the gym and engage in sports. I would think that many people enjoy their everyday life through GX3 underwear.

Check out more of GX3 designs here.



Element : What was the main reason behind this collaboration with Wai Teik?

Teru : I was very impressed by Wai Teik’s art works and hoped that GX3 could collaborate with him one day.


After receiving many enquiries from different parts of Asia, I became even more conscious about building a stronger brand image along. It was then that I contacted Wai Teik and my dream came true. Wai Teik was professional in directing the brand campaign and we both had mutual respect for one another. Personally, it was a great pleasure and experience.



Element : What did you accomplish from this collaboration?

Teru : I am very satisfied with the collaboration with Wai Teik. I feel that this collaboration has helped open a new phase for GX3. Now, GX3’s fans are aware of the new aspects of the brand and this collaboration has definitely attracted new followers. Thus, I would definitely hope to work with Wai Teik again.



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