It is the countdown to Asia’s biggest dance festival again! Songkran may well be known as the Thai New Year, but for many of us it is also the time where gay boys across Asia come out to play! This year, prepare for the ultimate GCircuit experience as we dawn on 3 consecutive nights of party and dance featuring sets spanning both Asian and International DJs.

Yet to book tickets? Our Early Bird tickets are still on sale here from 4th Jan – 5th Feb 2018. For the rest of us looking to wing SK12’s themed nights, here are some quick tips to get you dressed for sexy success.



Day 1 – ZODIAC Opening Party ( 13th April 2018 )

Bracing the opening are the 12 zodiac signs that breathe shimmer onto the dancing floors. The night is all about being brave and showing attitude – come in elemental colours that best profiles your personality in this spectacular one-of-a-kind extravaganza.


What to wear: Ab.Provocateur’s Superhero Series by AndyBandy

Image courtesy of ab.provocateur (Instagram)



Accessorize with the Galactic fan from Dirt Squirrel

Image courtesy of dirtsquirrel.co


Expert Tip – Complete your zodiac look with some body paint art for that extra elemental punch!



Day 2 – EMPIRE OF THE SUN Main Party ( 14th April 2018 )


Lords of the empire (Dusk vs Dawn)

Head back to base the next day and wield your katanas (or fans for the matter) – for the epic war is about to begin! Our main party is a celebration and expression of dualities. You can choose to come dressed as a mighty samurai, a mysterious ninja or any of the multitudes of anime characters!


What to wear:

Owing the Dusk theme –
STUD Armour Harness


Image courtesy of STUDMEUP



Owning the Dawn theme – Gold Pattern by ajpartyking

Image courtesy of ajpartyking (Instagram)


Accessorize with the SLAY fan by Dirt Squirrel, because if you ain’t got katana, you fight with fans!

Image courtesy of dirtsquirrel.co


Expert tip – Go crazy and bring out the drama with shades of gold, black, red and white face paint around the eyes!



Day 3 – LATEX Closing Party (15th April 2018)

War is over, time to get frisky! The third night brings some glamour in some hot muscle-fitting latex suits! We know less is still more, get in on the high-shine trend with party items to end the rave with just the right amount of dirty.


What to wear:

Wrestler suits from Polymorphe

Image courtesy of polymorphe.com


Pitbull harness from Libidex

Image courtesty of libidex.com



Latex shorts from Polymorph

Image courtesy of polymorphe.com


Accessorize with …

Zipper mitts from Libidex

Image courtesy of libidex.com


Maskulo Biceps Band

Image courtesy of maskulo.com


Leather-look Forearm Guard Wallet from Maskulo

Image courtesy of maskulo.com



Not forgetting the fans! Go a little naughty with these series of fans from dirtSquirrel!

Image courtesy of dirtsquirrel.co


Can’t wait any longer?  Come join us at the official pre-party for Song Kran 12 in Singapore organised by Hypertainment.  You will be entertained by gCircuit SK12 DJs Jay Santos (Philippines) and Spectrum K (Thailand) on 16 and 17 Feb respectively.  For more information, please visit www.hyper.com.sg 

Element is proud to be the official media partner of Song Kran 12. Do you have more ideas and tips to these themes? Leave your ideas, suggestions, and recommendations in our Facebook and Instagram posts.


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