Element : Tell us about Kennedy Davenport

Kennedy: Kennedy Davenport is a presence. Anywhere I go, you are gonna know I am there. Be it a lively and boisterous environment, my sexy stilettos will hit the stage and my laughter will surround people that I love. This is exactly what I truly enjoy! My name is a brand, and I always want to leave my mark and be remembered.


Element : Can you describe to us what sort of drag queen are you?

Kennedy : Most people assume that I am just simply a “pageant queen“, but there is so much more to me. Don’t get me wrong, I do love me a good competitive pageant, but I love to travel, and see all the various stages there are for the modern queen. I LOVE to dance – clearly! I also love the flashy and dramatic costumes and hair. I am old school in many ways i.e. I always performing in pads and full-face. I am not at all the androgynous, punk-rock type of girl.



Element : How has RuPaul’s Drag Race changed your drag career and life?

Kennedy : RuPaul’s Drag Race catapulted my drag into a legit, full-time, full-force career. It was never just a hobby for me, like I knew I yearned for this to be my way of life, it was just getting it to the next level.  The platform of being featured on the show really helped me show the entire world what I have to offer. The experience on the show taught me to be even more open-minded within the profession because there truly isn’t a right or wrong way of drag.



Element : What can we expect from you in Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3?

Kennedy : In All Stars Season 3 I will be damned if everybody doesn’t get to see the real Kennedy Davenport! All of you gonna see that I am not a villain or trouble-maker. I want my passion to shine through to the audience. But overall, I think the world will see a bit more self-confidence and polish to everything I do. I will continue to push the envelope and grab and hold your attention!



Element : Name 3 drag queens that are an inspiration to you.


Kennedy : My first inspiration would be my mother Kelexis Davenport. She has been my drag mother for over 20 years. She has been apart of my life on and off stage. She taught me to be self-sufficient and independent, which motivated me to press on and work hard to be the very best man I can be.

My second inspiration is my big sister Chevelle “boom boom” Brooks. I owe most of my dance moves to her. Both my mother and she helped to pave the way for me in the drag dance world. Through her hardships in life, I watched her press through them and become the successful woman/entertainer she is today. She fed my dream to become Miss Gay Usofa after she won the preliminary round and went on to the nationals and won. The first plus size diva to win that. Google her!

The third queen to have inspired me is RuPaul herself. She is such a business person. She wears so many hats that you can’t count them all. It’s so inspiring to me to be the very best brand and businessman I can be. She is the epitome of hard work, dedication and perseverance. I’m going to continue to create my avenue of greatness so that I may be that example to someone else as she is to me.



Element : How excited are you to be performing at the White Party in Bangkok?

Kennedy : I am VERY excited to be performing at the White Party in Bangkok! It is such a blessing to travel the world and see all the different cultures. The loveliest part is to be able to unite all of us in the name of Drag world. I am so grateful and honoured to meet my fans from all over!


Element : How do you define best butt?

Kennedy : I like a butt that sits up nice and round and hence it will be great to touch. So bring on those asses.





Element : What is your dream?

Kennedy :  My dream is to influence and teach the future generations about living their truth, no matter what it may be. I want them to know that their dreams too can be reached. I want to share with them to always hold on to their faith and to love love love through the process, no matter the peaks and the valleys. Stay humble through it all.


Element : What is your life motto?

Kennedy : My life motto is “Won’t God Do It?!?” I am not sure if that is considered a motto, but it is a belief system to me. It is a way to program my mind to get through the ups and downs in life. God will always be there for His children!


Element : Anything important to share with our readers?

Kennedy : Just keep pressing forward! Nothing in this life worth having is easy to come by! You work hard and you will be rewarded! Let’s stop the hate too. With all that is going on in this world right now, we MUST spread love to one another!




Kennedy Davenport will be making her debut in Asia at White Party Bangkok, Asia’s biggest gay New Year Festival. The Dancing Diva from Texas will perform live and host the ‘Best Butt Contest’ at JOCK BALL: The Rooftop Party on 30 Dec 2017! Are you Xtremely ready for it? For more info, please visit www.whitepartybangkok.com