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Sexy! Hard! Masculine! Susumu is touted to be the next King of go-go boys in Asia! He is no stranger to most of us as we have seen his sizzling hot pictures flooding our social media. This Greek god will be appearing at the highly anticipated Formosa Pride party in Taipei this October. Element is thrilled to speak to him in an up close and personal interview.


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Element : Who are you?

Susumu : I am a Japanese residing in Tokyo who enjoys working out and drawing. I am 1.71m tall and I weigh 84 kg. I work as a designer for smart phone games, specializing in UI and 2D design.


Element : How did you become a go-go dancer?

Susumu : A friend of mine, Naoki, who is also a go-go dancer recommended me to participate in one of his events in Japan.


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Element :Where have you performed before?

Susumu : Besides performing in many places in Japan, I have also performed in Taiwan, China, Korea and Thailand.


Element : What do you want in your career now?

Susumu : I have already achieved most of my career goals, so I am currently enjoying every single day at work no matter how old I get.


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Element : Who is your inspiration?

Susumu : I get inspiration from everyone I meet in life.


Element : Do you believe in love?

Susumu : I do believe in love and already have someone in my life for a while. In a relationship, I believe in communication and respect.


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Element : What are your strengths and weakness?

Susumu : Devotion is my strength and weakness. When I am devoted, I will give my full attention and concentration to the matter. Thus, I won’t able to think of anything else once I am fully devoted to it.


Element : Where do you hope to retire one day?

Susumu : I want to retire on the hills overlooking the sea. It would be so relaxing for me.


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Element : Give us one quote in your life.

Susumu : Live everyday as if it were your last and enjoy it.


Element : Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Susumu : Always love yourself and practice safe sex!


Element is proud to be the official media partner of Formosa Pride Parties 2017. This year, Formosa Pride will be featuring a brilliant lineup of DJs and sexy go-go boys in a fantastic venue. For more info, please visit . Element will see you in Taipei!