By Hiro Mizuhara

Challenges still ahead and thousands protested against it

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Gay travelers who visit Taipei would most likely NOT miss a trip to the city’s Wei-Ming temple, located on the eighth floor in the suburb of the capital. This Taoist house of worship is quite an unusual one as we see nearly, and most of the visitors walking in and out buying prayers are gay people.  Rabbit god, is what the temple here dedicates to, and in the late imperial China, “rabbit” was a derogatory term for homosexual, and a “Rabbit God” is the Almighty protecting homosexual people.


While it sickens me often having to “label” again and again using the term “gay” or “homosexuals”, I could not care much about it right now as news has just been released across the Island state and International Chinese media: Taiwan’s 立法院 (translated as “Legislative Yuan/Branch”) has just made a landmark public announcement today on 26th December 2016 that it has given same-sex marriage a green-light to introduce a more inclusive amendments made to the Civil Law.

In mid-November, as the legislature was reviewing the draft gay-marriage laws, some 10,000 protesters converged outside; some broke through the gates to stage a sit-in to the courtyard. Mainly Christians, they knelt and prayed, warning that the proposed laws were not only an affront to religion but would also promote promiscuity.

201612261219taiwan2Picture source: 中国台湾网

Following the news however, anti-gay marriage protesters quickly gathered and some broke through the gates to stage a sit-in in the courtyard, some even tempted to break into Taiwan’s President Office. In response to the protests, Ms Tsai has made a declaration dating back to mid of November,  that “everyone is equal before love.”

This statement echoes exactly what our original vision is when we founded ELEMENT, to represent the official media voice of a true gay Asia. To the first state in Asia where hundreds of thousands of gay men and women living there finally, has come one step closer to living with their beloved ones “happily-ever-after”. Cheers and now go continue to be fabulous.

And may we suggest that the Taiwanese anti-gay marriage protesters, to give the topic a break and to focus on the economic issues that are of greater concern to ordinary Taiwanese. And last but least, dreams are beautiful. Please learn to respect and love your neighbors and most certainly, including the dreams of your neighbors.

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