Text | Dez Yeo
Photography | Sarah Orbanic
Age : 29
Height/Weight : 1.75m / 75kg
Ethnicity : Half Japanese, Half Italian
Profession : Personal Trainer and Fitness Model
Past Professional Experience : TV, Magazines and Fitness DVDs
Nationality : American


ELEMENT: How did you end up in the fitness industry? 

KENTA: My dad is from Japan and he raised my siblings and me with a strict exercise regimen everyday. He was a martial arts instructor so I grew up with a lot of self-discipline. When I was nine, my sister got me started withYoga, which led to me eventually becoming a Yoga Instructor. Soon after that, I became a personal trainer and then a fitness model.

I have been a vegetarian for 15 years by choice.  I never liked seafood when I was a kid, so I gave that up when I was really young. In my freshman year in high school I was really into practicing Yoga, and met a lot of people who were vegetarian. They inspired me to start cutting out red meat from my diet, and then I gradually cut out white meat. It’s hard for me to gain weight at times, but I just have to make sure I am eating a well-balanced diet.

ELEMENT: How was your childhood like?

KENTA: I may not have always been popular growing up, but I was very outspoken and everyone in school knew me. I was bullied a lot but always stayed positive and kept doing what I liked.  After many years, I received numerous messages on Facebook and Instagram from those school bullies telling me how impressed they are with how much I’ve changed and grown.


ELEMENT: What is your life motto?

KENTA: Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does.

ELEMENT: What is love to you?

KENTA: Love to me is caring about someone unconditionally. Doing things for that person and not expecting anything in return, just because you enjoy seeing them happy. A relationship to me is a partnership- both people are there to support one other and help the other be the best possible versions of themselves.


ELEMENT: Where do you want to retire eventually?

KENTA: I’ve travelled a lot but I’m not sure where I’d like to retire yet. I hope I’m always healthy and successful enough to continue travelling no matter how old I get! So far some of my favorite cities include Amsterdam, Florence, Paris, and of course my hometown Los Angeles.

ELEMENT: Do you have other hobbies?

KENTA: I used to be part of a fire dancing group that would perform at parties. My specialties were two long fire whips or a ball of fire on the end of a long chain. I still like to light them up every now and then.



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