The Embassy of Israel presents the 24th Israel Film Festival 2016 from 22 to 25 September 2016 at the Projector. This year’s festival films show the depth of Israeli culture as well as the cinematic vision, using art to lead the way. These films reflect the Israeli way of life and society which is as exciting, diverse and culturally deep as the land itself. The narratives are diverse with taut storytelling and probing camerawork, winning critical praise from local and international audiences.


The Opening Film at this year’s festival is “The Farewell Party”. Directed by the talented director duo Sharon Maymonand Tal Granit the film deals with the universal theme of aging. This highly-celebrated film is an engaging comedy about an aging man who invents a machine that can help his friends end their own lives, respectfully and on their own terms. This film manages to take a tough topic and create a charming atmosphere, making it relatable to all. Ultimately, it is a film about love, family and choices.


The directors of “The Farewell Party”, Tal Granit & Sharon Maymon will be here for the festival and will join the audience at The Projector for an exclusive Question & Answer session after the screening of the film. They will also be conducting session at SCAPEmedia for film enthusiasts, students and general public, sharing their personal experiences in the field of film-making.

This year’s film festival also screens critically acclaimed films like, “Encirclements and “FireBirds”. “Encirclements” is a modest, slice-of-life family drama about a religious family. The film gives the audience a real taste of the life of a typical Israeli neighborhood with the various cultural and religious rituals that depict the kind of private ceremonial traditions that exist in every family. The film manages to bring forth the tumultuous and humor-filled life of people, living on the margins of society.


Meanwhile, “Fire Birds” is both a black comedy and a conventional detective thriller. The film showcases some of Israel’s finest veteran actors like Oded Teomi, Gila Almagor, Miriam Zohar and Dvora Kedar, who won the Ophir Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role.


Our next presentation, “Vice Versa,” is a captivating and moving drama depicting an intimate and passionate love story between a religious Yeshiva scholar and an 18 year old cancer patient that transcends the boundaries of religion, society and faith.

Our fifth film, “Who’s Gonna love me now,” is a powerful docu-drama by acclaimed documentary directors Tomer & Barack Heymann. Taking its title from the post-diagnosis despair of a man diagnosed with HIV, the documentary is one man’s heart-felt exploration journey of self-acceptance.


The screening schedule is available on The Projector website: